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  C-Mec launches new website
  C-Mec takes the activities of Femstaal N.V. over at Puurs
  New factory in Ploiesti Romania
  Wij zoeken een accountmanager metaalsector - raadpleeg onze vacatures

Site Kortrijk

Site Kladno

Site Ploiesti

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Sheet metal

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Milling and Turning

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Surface Treatment

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Complete projects

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C-Mec guarantees quality, flexibility, speed, innovation, co-design, co-engineering, competitiveness, up-to-date processes.

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Nieuwsitem EN
Nieuwsitem EN

Nieuwsitem EN

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   Years of expertise
   Strong personal support
   Reliable and continous quality
   Extended European network
   Respect for humans and environment
   Extremely quick time-to-market